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Thread: How to approach a waitress?

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    How to approach a waitress?


    So, there's this really cute chinese waitress at a local restaurant I really wouldn't mind knowing more about. She seems somewhat shy, but friendly and approachable, and I will absolutely try and initiate contact. But I don't really want to make her uncomfortable in the middle of the restuarant, so my idea is to, at first, just ask for her name, and then back off and see how she behaves (without being a creep, obviously). Then depending on the situation I may ask for her number, leave her mine, wait until next time or just leave it be. Is this the way to go? Any suggestions?


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    I will speak from experience and what I did. So I also had interest in a Chinese girl at a restaurant many years ago. Food wasn't great but I did go back a few more times than I should have just to see her. We did start to have decent conversations. Like you I did not want to make a scene in the restaurant, so I wrote my number down and gave it to her mother who was the owner of the restaurant. She did call me that evening and we proceeded to date for a few months until I had graduate from school and moved away.

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