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Article: I got to know that she is cheating on me form her FB chats.how should i confront her

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    I got to know that she is cheating on me form her FB chats.how should i confront her

    1 Comments by Bryanhodge Published on 25-09-17 09:15 PM
    There were a 1 month of silence between us and suddenly she blocked me from texting & messaging her. I really don't know what went wrong and were eager to know the actual reason. I approached a scraping service online to get her chats and access details copied so that I can have a look on it.Eventhough they (goo.gl/NGgT2f) told that there will be a fee for doing this , I took that risk.But as told I got the access details for her account scraped.

    It was very clear from her chats that she is having a serious affair with someone working with her.I do have enough proof now but am worried to confront with these messages as she will come to know that I do have access to her account.What will be the best way to confront her ? Please suggest.

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    Since you guys haven't been communicating (I assuming this since she blocked you from texting) for a month, what is the motive for confronting? I would think this relationship is going to end if it hasn't already.

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