My girlfriend and I live far away from each other like oceans apart. She lives in Thailand and the only time weíve met in person was when I joined a romance tour and met her in a local Thai cafe after the events.

About last week, we were discussing our summer plans and she kind of suggested that I visit her in Thailand again. Honestly, it wasnít a really bad idea. I donít have any initial plans so Iím seriously considering her suggestion.

When I told my older siblings they gave me a thumbs up and were even excited for me. Although, all of them shared one concern. They all asked me if itís safe in there and will I be okay travelling alone. Somehow theyíre quite protective because Iím the youngest.

My previous visit to Thailand went really smoothly because everything was already planned out. This time itíll just be me doing the whole planning. Any tips where I could find safe accommodations? Is there anything I should worry about like thieves, pickpockets, or scammers? Any word of advice will help me out.