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Thread: Is he keeping cool after the first date?

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    Is he keeping cool after the first date?

    So I went on a date with a guy from a dating app.

    It went great from my opinion. We chatted all night for hours. He paid for dinner and said that I pay next time. 2 days later, he texted me saying he is thinking about hiking with me and I replied, "I will probably be free next week".

    He didn't follow up with me when that next week came by. I didn't contact him either because I prefer to play it coy.

    I saw him again online on the dating app.

    Is he not that interested or he is playing it cool?

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    He's possibly just thinking about things, possibly dating others.

    It's hard to say. Either you hear from him or you don't.
    Your expression of "I'll probably be free next week" is a pretty strong indicator that you're open to things.

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