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Thread: Love Forum Rules and Guidelines

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    Love Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Please spend a few minutes of your time and read through our rules and guidelines.

    1) Do a [URL=http://www.loveforum.net/search.php]search[/URL] . The question you want to ask may have recently been answered.

    Clear topics
    2) When posting your topic, allow it to give us SOME sort of insight on what the post is about. Some bad examples of topics would be things such as "advice please" and "oh my god" or "what do I do now". It'd really be nice if you gave us SOME sort of clue as to what the post is about.

    Give as much information as possible
    3) Give us as much information as you feel comfortable with to work with. It's difficult to respond to most questions without knowing enough particulars. Some common ones that would be nice to work with would be whether you're a guy or girl, whether you're talking about another guy or girl, the specific scenario you need help with, and also very nice to know would be your age. ESPECIALLY if you don't put a birth date or anything in your profile. Advice can vary greatly from a 15 year old to a 30 year old, whether you are trying to pick up a guy/girl at a bar or at the local library, etc. etc.

    No vulgar languages
    4)No vulgar languages in the forum. What this means is to please use some judgment with what you say. Using the word "shit" might be acceptable in some cases, but describing what you did on the toilet in graphic detail isn't.

    No bashing or insult member
    5)No bashing or insult member. - This is a difficult one to understand. I look at it in two categories - Beliefs and actions. In many countries, what you believe is up to you, but what you did isn't always. If I call you a blooming idiot for something you DID, that is different than telling you are a fool for agreeing with abortion. Everyone has their own beliefs, and you will hardly ever be able to change any of them on these boards. If someone has done something that only idiots would do, given the nature of common sense - say what you want within reason. However, calling someone a fool for their beliefs will not be tolerated, and will likely be faced with thread deletion and possible ban. If you believe that the rest of the world should be a Democracy, that doesn't instantly make you an idiot, but sleeping with your friend's woman might.

    It's a lot of gray area, but use common sense.

    Post in the right forum
    6)We had seen members that post unrelated dating questions in non appropriate forum. Please check around the forum and post your questions in the appropriate forum. Thanks.

    7) Religious and Political topics have no place on this forum. If you would like information or to ask someone's opinion on religious doctrine, feel free to ask. Debates, complaints, or flaming each other regarding religious ideals will be deleted or locked immediately. There are a thousand other forums out there where you can debate all you want. Loveforum will not be it.

    8) Spam will not be tolerated. If you post spam or advertisements of any kind on these forums, your threads will be deleted (usually at the most within a couple of hours) and your account will be banned. If you insist on doing it more than once on different accounts, your I.P. can and will be banned as well.

    9) Moderators are human (some of us). We can occasionally make a mistake about the things that we do or what we say. If you have a problem with a moderator, send a P.M. to that Moderator, or to another moderator about the issue. Please do not start a thread bashing or "calling out" moderators, as this can and will cause dissent on the boards, and may land you a temporary ban.

    10) Please limit content in signatures to text of a reasonable font size. Images are not currently permitted as they tend to clutter up the board.

    We do have to sift through a lot of posts to keep up with the forums. If your threads were non-contributing, they might get deleted. If they break any of the above rules, they might get deleted. What we WON'T usually do, is explain why your thread was deleted or edited. We just don't really have the time to write out explanations to every thread that we delete. We DO post comments on the threads that we delete (regular members can't see these), so that the other mods can take a look at why it was edited. The boards are nice and clean and mostly spam free, and this is because we try to keep the threads on track.[/SIZE]

    If you think that there are rules that are totally off base, let me know. If there is a rule that is not clear enough, please let a moderator know so we can make adjustments.

    Thanks, and enjoy your stay
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