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Thread: Idiot Woman! Blames FireFox for Breaking Her Engagement Up

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    Idiot Woman! Blames FireFox for Breaking Her Engagement Up


    Wow. Just wow.

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    That's funny shit right there. Its like the whole Guns dont kill people; people kill people argument.
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    too funny I like the part when she says she sneaked up on him in the middle of the night... lots of trust there I see...*rollseyes*

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    Yeah, it's really dumb.

    It says at the top, Status: RESOLVED. I wonder how resolved it really is =)

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    Hahaha, stupid people.
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    I dont' know.

    I think it is really funny.

    I mean, she was just sort of writing to point out a flaw in the programming to the makers. SHe didn't really seem to be "blaming" or "accusing" them or anything. In fact, she sounded rather calm. I found her tone dry and over all the whole approach very amusing.

    I think she was using irony very well to point out that had there not been this blip in the system she would be none the wiser and the engagement would still be on.

    It seemed as though she was writing it to "inform" so that they could make improvements.

    That's my take on it anyhow. (techno-jargon aside since I didn't understand most of that stuff!).

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    Heh, that's great.

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