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Thread: How can i delete or edit a post

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    How can i delete or edit a post

    I have no button next to my posts to edit or delete the, can anyone walk me trough ?

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    The format of the forum has changed a lot and even old members are not sure what features were kept or removed or changed, I will type you a post and then see on my post what it shows and tells you. You might need to have more posts to use those features now, maybe 30 plus, IDK. Hard to keep up with the changes. You cannot delete if someone posts after you or a lenght of time has passed but you can edit the post and at least delete out the content written if not the actual thread itself. Might need to PM the admin. If you cannot use features after so many posts.

    - - - Updated - - -

    After you post at bottom of bottom it says:

    Report this posts( 1st) then long space and next says Edit post ( with looks like pencil symbol) and then Reply and then Reply With Quote and lastly is some multi quote thing ( I never use that)

    Also you will have report or thank posts options to on other peoples posts showing too.

    When you click edit button it gives you option to delete and edit ( and reason for edit)

    Can't help you any more than that.
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    Do you have a button to edit/delete now? Did you look at lovebrokens post to you? Try posting again and see.

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