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Thread: Should i get back with my gf?

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    Should i get back with my gf?

    Hello to all
    I have been dating this girl for about 5months now, and in the first months all was working great then she started showing her bad temper..She was jelaous, making me scenes, calling me different names and most important she started making excuses how her EX BF was better and how he knew her better, which is true since they were for 5 years together..

    although she claims that she doesn't love him at all, and that she waited so much to find someone like me , she keeps contacting him when we are fighting...She did that 3x already and one time she moved it too far.

    She invited him over, when she was with her family just so i can feel jealous and afraid or something like that.
    She only do this when she drinks and she is drunk or she is unstable..like she has some disorder or something.
    After that passes, she sometimes cry and says how she made huge mistake and how she knows that this is stupid, and she never did anything like this only with me because she loves me but sometimes she says she also hates me like some devil is inside of her that tells her this.

    AS for me, what i do is maybe irritating is that i asked her to much questions about her previous partners throughout months, and also asked her why she was so unstable, why she has this temper and she finds this irritating..

    also she wants to live with me separated and i am working my butt off so we can afford that, but she always says now i can't wait anymore you need to find solution and so on(i am living with my mom and she lives with her mom and brother)

    So basically we were fighting over these small things, and main issue i have with this girl is her EX who is sucker and he will fly to see her at 5am if needed, but as far as i know she only wants to hurt me with him etc...

    BUT i can't trust her enough and what should i do in order for me to be with this girl, since i am felling lots of emotions toward this girl(maybe even some love)..
    Sorry for longer post.

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    No ~ Just off all you wrote & saying you cannot trust, NO! Find a more compatible partner for you & one easier to deal with too.

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    I agree with breathe123... she does not sound healthy enough for a relationship and potentially a lot more trouble may come to you from this if you stay in it..

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    None of us can answer that for you for sure as that is your decision to make..... BUT.... I am definitely 100% in agreement with breathe and muffin.

    My personal advice would be to get out of the situation. None of the behavior you described from her is okay in the slightest. You deserve better than that... anybody would. Heck, given time maybe she actually could be that better... but she's not right now. She needs to deal with her crap, not bring that into another relationship.

    Don't get me wrong... if she's going through crap I can understand and relate.... But that NEVER makes it okay to dump it all onto somebody else. This relationship sounds too destructive to me, and you deserve better than that.

    So, my personal advice would be to move on. Sometimes talking about things CAN help. You can certainly try that if you want... but it kind of sounds like you already HAVE tried that and the drama continues. So, it really is up to you. If you insist on trying to make it work, please at least have some kind of reasonable breaking point in your mind where you will move on if it gets worse, goes on for too long, or even both. But, you'd probably be better off just to move on.

    Best of luck to you either way.

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