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Thread: What is love?

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    What is love?

    Ladies, and maybe also gentlemen
    I have posted my own negative experience as well as alike true experience of a lady, which was cheated by the same love rat. Mehmet Arslan Kara from Manavgat, Turkey. It had the same scenario and more details can be found in the Broken Hearts forum archive.
    Unfortunately when me and several other ladies realized before paying too much, there's one which trusted Mehmet for too long and out of naivity of being loved she sent him lot of cash.
    On top, after she understood this married junk will never be willing to be with her she hunted for another even much worse love rat creature, again from Manavgrat Turkey (Colakli) and his name is Halis Kiris. This guy is so so so sick, but again she trusted him to an extend that she let him to humiliate her and her family in a very extraordinary way. More in other threads I posted in this forum. But as I learned she again!!! sent him a lot of cash. Despite the fact he played a dirty game with her and humiliated her and her children, she trusted him and maybe does still for more than 1 and a half year. Not only he never kept his promise (just because he never meant it seriously) to take care of her, he was sent serious cash from her account.
    So the warning goes to all ladies that seek true feelings. NEVER ever trust moslim, never ever from the tourist resort, internet, never ever if such a person cries for money or how poor he is or if he asks or accepts any benefits offered based upon his cries. Their usual strategy is to separate their victims from their relatives and friends to gain full control over them, massive love pretending massages makes them feel special, loved and once the victim feels unconditional trust, they start to collect what they really want. PLEASE ladies and gentlemen, understand, THIS IS FAKE love and unless any of you like torture, humiliation, fake feelings and wasting money for your own sake, Never Ever get into such relationship and if you are trapped, run for your life of such. If any harm occurs, please pay such a love rats back, do not let them to get away with it without justice. Especially if a crime is involved like stealing identity, money... Love is too precious to find, let it better be TRUE. Love you all good people.

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    Hi, Gale. Love is precious and hearts are fragile & should always be protected at all cost.

    You can edit in your links to your old threads if relevant to this thread if you wanted to.

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    Hi breathe123, I agree with you, links to my old threads:

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