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Thread: Peter Ross Anderson Beat His Mother, Tania Marusia Anderson

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    Peter Ross Anderson Beat His Mother, Tania Marusia Anderson

    In late March, I attacked my mother because I got up later at night, and she kept slagging me off for being sweaty. She always says I smell and this got annoying. I started punching her and then my father picked me up and slammed me to the floor. Then I called the police and my father attacked me before they arrived. I then had to stay with my oldest sister, and then my younger sister's boyfriend. Hilarious life story, eh? Oh I thought so too.
    Hey, everyone, have a look at this disrespectful piece of garbage here. Peter Anderson (aka P-T-C (pre-teen cock), Nemesis, Bugger Off!, etc.) beat his mother up because she said that he smelled. Well, fact check, Peter does actually smell really awful, so her saying that was completely justified. So, what does this prick do? He closes his fists and starts punching his mother. It's a good thing his father, Kenneth George Anderson, stepped in and slammed this bitch right to the ground.

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