Hi All!

I was hoping to get some feedback and advice on this silly situation I am in.

Three months ago I went on a couple of dates with a lovely man, who was kind of perfect. I was just freshly broken up with by another guy at the time, so I was still dealing with that and then left soon after for a two week summer vacation, during which the lovely man who shall from now on be referred to as V texted me often asking how I was doing and sending me his own updates. When I came back from said vacation a few things happened : I had some serious health issues (a fair amount of fainting involved) and problems at work, on top just being generally overwhelmed by my return and my ex still staying in contact so over my week the texting languished due to my lack of answer and finally it died.

I didn�t really think about it too much as I was going through a lot as I said, and kind of decided after that to not reach out again as I believe it not to be very fair / polite to V.

Fast forward to a few months later when I ran into him at a bar. We chatted a little and he was still as charming as I remembered, and when I reached out the next day to say it was lovely to see him, we started texting again. Obviously, because karma exists, he left for his vacation the very next week so when I said that we should grab a drink together he said he�d love to but that he was out of the country at that time. We still texted every day, with him sending me pictures of his trips and it was a pleasant type of conversation, and when he returned I kind of hoped we would immediately hang out again but turns out his return must have been a bit traumatic as well because he had to stay late at work nearly every day, and then had a party out of the city that following weekend � etc etc I won�t bore you with all of the details but basically we�re now weeks deep in this texting routing and I�m still hoping he�ll ask me out again at some point.

I did send him a �hint� by sending him a picture of the view in front of his office building one day � I walk by his office every day on my route to work- saying � Hello neighbor� and then have a few times said that I�d rather not text some of the things we talk about as they�re more fun in person to which he said �we totally should catch up� but then never made plans. I know he was very busy even months ago, it�s the nature of his job, and even back then he would stay at the office past midnight and he only asked me out again two weeks after our first date so when he says he�d crazy busy I�m inclined to believe him more than your other average guy, however on the flip side I don�t want to be pen pals with him and I wonder whether him being busy is something I can believe or just if it�s just an excuse not to meet.
Like so many others, I tend to give too much stock to texting and don�t want to believe that he�s only doing so to get some attention and entertainment, but I don�t know him at all after barely two dates!

So, what are your thoughts? Should I just let it go because he�s probably �just not that into me� or give him some more time to get over his �being busy� ? Basically do you think I�m just being strung along or should I give him the benefit of the doubt (I can hear my voice getting petulant but I really thought he was super into me) ? And do you have any suggestions on what I could do/say to move things forward?

Thank you all!