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Thread: There's this guy that I really like, and I know that he likes me too...

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    There's this guy that I really like, and I know that he likes me too...

    The thing is that we are both pretty shy. We first saw each other where he works and totally made a connection the minute we looked at eachother! Everytime I go into where he works, we talk a little, he says something like "wow, thats a really cool shirt" or something to try and engage in a conversation with me while I'm pretty much so tight lipped b/c I'm just so nervous! This has been going on for about 2 months now, I don't go in there THAT often maybe ever 2 weeks, but it never fails, everytime I'm in there he so obviously nervous but still tries to say SOMETHING to me! So, last weekend me and my mom ran into a fast food place to grab something, and low and behold, guess who was in that restaurant at the same exact time?! HIM! My mom said the only way to describe him was that he looked like he was going to "pee in his pants!" We kept shotting glances and little smiles at eachother, but thats it. So, with the suggestion of my mom, I wrote him a letter saying that "...I've never done this before... I don't know if you have a girlfriend but if you don't, here's my myspace and cell phone number so that we can talk out side" [of where he works]. I was to nervous to give it to him myself so I had my mom and little sister go buy something at the store he works at, and then give it to him, from me, as if I were at work and wasn't able to! I wasn't at work, like I said, I was just SO nervous. So, he got the letter a week ago. In your opinion, how long should it take for him to respond? We're both so shy so I don't know WHAT to do! What would you do in order to pursue someone you liked if you were both shy, and he hasn't responded to a letter? Do I give the letter more time or move on to a new strategy? Thanks for your opinion! Its greatly appreciated!

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    First off, how old are you?


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    No, I'm 21.

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    Here I go again:

    If it takes him a week, that's too long. Do you have any mutual aquaintances? Is it possible you might be able to find out what's going on with him without actually having to see him face-to-face, which could be potentially mortifying?

    It's possible that he thought that your mom & sister giving him a love note from you was ridiculous and indicated that you are, in fact, 15. Don't ever do that again.
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