So my bf leaves to go back to his university in 4 days to start a summer course. We've discussed a long distance relationship and have both very clearly stated that neither of us want that. He's the type of guy who doesn't want to build more attachments when it comes to these situations with him leaving and all. But the day before yesterday he had me meet his dad's entire side of the family, then yesterday I met his mom which came as a TOTAL surprise to me (kinda wish he had told so I'd be better prepared). Today he wants me to meet one of his buddies from his university who happens to also be back in town for now. I'm just curious as to why he wants to introduce me all of a sudden with him leaving SOOO soon. It's sweet and all, I'm just afraid this will just make it more complicated especially since he told me that I'm the first gf he's ever introduced to is ENTIRE family. I asked him and he just gave me a vague "I just thought it would be nice" kind of answer. So what's this all supposed to mean?