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Thread: Good idea.. bad idea?

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    Good idea.. bad idea?

    Me and my girlfriend were together for 2 and a half years. We broke up because we were arguing alot and after four months of being single. We've both not moved on or really really wanted to. We still talk and she comes over to my condo. We talk about getting back together and i really want to. She isnt sure but thinks were ment to be together. I think shes just scared itll be arguments like before we split up.
    Im not the same person i was and now that ive sort of lsot her i want to be the best boyfriend i can.

    Well im asking her out on a date. I was going to ask her to be my girlfirend again and theres 2 ways i was going to do it. which are:

    1. Engrave a pen with "will you be my girlfriend" then when were having dinner write on the knapkins. "are you having a good night?" and give her the pen and get her to reply. maybe even tell her she looks beautiful or make a joke. then say can i ask u something on the knapkin. if she replies yes then ill write. "read the pen" (the writing on the pen is small and not immediately noticeable)

    2. We joke around when i tie my shoe pretend im going to ask her to marry her and she does the same sometimes. So i was going to get a ring box and fold a note up explaining how i feel and asking her to be my girlfriend again at the bottom and ask her in the central square/park of my city after dinner. like get down on one knee etc

    which do you think i should use if any? Thanks :S sorry about the length.

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    I think #2 sounds really sweet. I think she would really digg that and you would have mucho success with it. It's more creative.
    I will do my best to reply with an educated, humble and honest answer. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you want to listen to my advice or ignore it completely. Sometimes, my advice may be wrong; occasionally, it will be right. Regardless, I want to do my best to give people answers they are seeking.

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    DUDE, just talk to her. No pens because you're not 9 years old and asking her to be your BFF and BIG NO to the ring box because 1. she might freak out thinking it's a engagement ring and 2. she might be really disapointed that it's not a engagement ring, seriously the ring box idea so bad it's not even funny.

    If you have to do something, buy her favor flowers take her to dinner tell her she looks great and when the moment is right explain that the last 4 months have not been the same without her in your life and you want to try again.

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    I know she wouldnt freak out about the ring in a box idea because well i know her and its a private joke. We both know we dont want to get married just now. So she wouldnt be dissapointed. i've been with her 2 and a half years and we know and do more with each other than most couples would have. Thats not even debateable. I think you might be right though about the 2 ideas. I think maybe just words is enough... although i want it to be different... put some effort into it. Anyone got any ideas then apart from just saying stuff ive already said before?

    Just saying its not been the same without u for the past 4 months wont cut the mustard with her. I want to do something unique...

    Hit me with some ideas! Could really use the help!

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