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Thread: he likes me, he likes me not. i hate this!!

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    he likes me, he likes me not. i hate this!!

    this guys is always staring at me every time I go into his store. he is always smiling at me and offering to help me. I always catching him looking at me while he's folding clothes or even when other plp are asking him for help I see him turning and looking for me. I thought at first he was just maybe to shy to try to strike up a conversation. He always stares and holds his gaze, the last time he did that i looked and stared back at him ( i usually cant hold up my gaze but this time i did ) and i got this feeling looking at his eyes that he liked me back..... but then I found out he already has a girlfriend! so then y is he doing this to me?

    I'm so confused I really like him he's so nice and hes only like that towards me. is he just doing this for the thrill? or can he possibly like me? also he has now switched jobs!

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    Because he's attracted to you. Guys with girlfriends will still look at cute girls. He doesn't "like" you like someone who actually knows you would.

    Just take it as a compliment and move on. No reason to mess with that situation.

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    he has a girlfriend. even if he does look at you like that, have enough respect for other women to not go there. his girlfriend probably doesn't deserve it.

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