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Thread: Does it sound like he likes me

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    Does it sound like he likes me

    Hi, I just need some advice really, there's this guy I like that I work with. We used to be friendly and he helped me progress at work. We went to a work function and he was buying me drinks all night and when he saw I was cold he put his jacket around me. He offered to get me some food and when I said no i'm on a diet he said why, trust me you don't see your self the way other people see you. I became ill and had to have 4 months off work. When I came back to work he had a new girlfriend, I used to see them out and about together. They seemed like they were really happy together and I was shocked when he told me they had split up. We were talking and I asked him if he had a good xmas and he said not really because I split up with my girlfriend and I said aww i'm sorry to hear that. He then said he just wants to meet a decent girl and settle down. The first time he's ever discussed his private life with me.The thing is since he's split up with his girlfriend i'v noticed he's been different around me. He's my superior although i'l add we are the same age. He asks me to stay behind and do extra hours and I catch him looking at me and smiling a lot. When I talk to other males at work he has a look of anger on his face and seems annoyed with me. He was taking me off to go on a break and he said i'l take you out and I said pardon and he said it again and then said sorry I meant take you off. I went into work today and he said what you doing next saturday and I just said i'm not sure. While I was working he was facing me and I could feel his eyes on me. As I was leaving work I said bye and he said do you fancy going out next saturday and I said yes and he said ok i'l set it up and i'l tell you where it is. Its obvious he means a group setting but he's never asked me this before. I also found out from my ex boyfriend that whenever he's in the same pub as him he's always glaring at my ex. Does it sound like he likes me in that way or not? Thanks, any advice appreciated.

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    Oh hun you don't want to go there with this fella. Danger lurks from his corner all the warning signs are there. I can't stress enough that dating someone you work with is a very bad idea, especially him being your superior. This would play a major roll in making the workplace hostile to you, running the risk of him abusing his authority to control you or vent his displeasure with you. If you ever wanted out of the relationship, you will find yourself getting fired or wanting to quit. Already you have pointed out he is seething with jealousy every time you have contact with a guy..... That may seem flattering to you, but that is a big red flag to any woman. Take it from me this guy has some real serious issues.....stay away from him.

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