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Thread: Is it true one has to be player first to be faithful?

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    Is it true one has to be player first to be faithful?

    I had to ask this question because its been circling inside my Brain for a while. My English Teacher in high school used to be a smart a$$, and he once told us that we outta start having loads of girlfriends while were young or even in our early twenties.Otherwise if we only have one girlfriend and marry her were gonna get bored and wanna chase skirts cause we've never known the thrill. Whats your experience? is this true?

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    Its a myth. I do not believe that is true. I think people with low self esteem will always think the grass is greener no matter how good they have it and that is when they have regrets.

    I also think people who just want to sleep around have issues. People with high self-esteem, confidence, integrity, emotional maturity and emotional intelligence have no time for that BS.

    I believe men who do have a reputation for sleeping around are more likely to cheat as they can separate sex from emotions easily and it means nothing to them. Men who have no interest in sleeping around-normally value the emotional connection and would prefer to sleep with a woman they care about.

    Cheating is a choice and they cannot blame it on their past etc if they do cheat. Your either a loyal person with strong morals or you are not and that will not change unless you want it to.

    Men who start cheating (just for sex) at 40 or 50 have normally developed a porn addiction over time which eventually can lead to sex addiction. They could also be narcissistic as there wages go up, they gain more power and become more selfish-they could develop a sense of entitlement and start thinking they are better than everyone else and can do what they want (they are serial cheats).

    There is also the possibility of an emotional affair (these people are not bad people-just very stupid and throw their life down the toilet)
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    If you are in the market for a car, are you gonna buy the first one you find for sale?

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