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Article: "Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods"

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    "Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods"

    3 Comments by loveforum Published on 24-11-13 03:41 PM
    "Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods"
    1. Avocado
    2. Ginger
    3. Cruciferous Vegetables
    4. Whole Meal Pasta & Rice
    5. Soya
    6. Garlic
    7. Nuts
    8. Berries
    9. Water
    10. Watermelon

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    A teaspoon of aloe a day keeps the wrinkles away. I use all aloe products. So good for your skin

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    Ive already decided though to get surgery when im 30/40. Its 4grand to get the op. I have natural geneti bags under my eyes which i hate. My sister and mum have them too. Im confident with the way i look now and i know im pretty but theres no way to prevent these bags getting worse with age. I use eye cream, tea bags, facemasks and cucumber but i know theyl make me look older in 10-20 years so surgery is the only option for me

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    I can add to this

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