HowAboutWe Launches Free, Standalone Messaging App for Couples

Today announces the launch of You&Me, a free messaging app for couples. You&Me is HowAboutWe’s first standalone app, designed to give couples a better way to connect and make memories, with media-rich features to inspire the kinds of thoughtful gestures that keep relationships fresh.
“People in relationships say so many important things to each other through their phones. We say simple, practical things, but we also say beautiful things, intimate things -- things we want to remember forever,” said HowAboutWe co-founder and co-CEO, Aaron Schildkrout. “We realized that there weren’t any messaging apps that fully support how couples communicate today — through text, music and rich media — so we built one. We created You&Me as the ideal communication resource for people in love.”
You&Me’s full-screen layout and high-quality, immersive design boldly separates it from the mobile industry’s more traditional, basic messaging apps. Through a private account, couples send beautiful, custom-edited photos and videos, share music and enjoy unique features like secret photo messaging. Everything couples share is thoughtfully organized and stored within the app, allowing them to easily recall their favorite moments.

Key features of the app include:

• Customizable Photos with Stickers, Fonts, Filters & More: Full-screen photo sharing with dozens of editing features to transform your images in beautiful, silly and unique ways to express your mood or make your partner laugh.

• ’Secret’ Messaging: A flirty way to share photos, which remain hidden until your partner wipes away the ‘steam,’ momentarily revealing the image before it fogs up again seconds later.

• Music Sharing: ‘Song’ and ‘Soundtrack’ give you an easy way to share and keep track of the music you both love. Search and send entire songs from the Rdio and Spotify music libraries straight from your conversation stream, all saved directly to a joint playlist.

• Collaborative Photo Tools: With the ‘Halfsie’ tool you can create photos to-