My eyes have seen the other side
where careless notion fools abide,
unspoken words have taken flight
and wayward moments cut the night.

Your whisper lingers on a leaf,
my laughter dies in disbelief,
a lovebird caged, within his song
our cold refrain plays on and on.

As remnants dress the killer stars
and midnight threads our open scars
some silk sachet of sin and gloom;
of patchwork hearts and empty rooms.

Yet, all I want is from the light,
that ray of you beyond the night,
our stolen wings have found the clouds
and every sad thought disavowed.

And not this tragedy to be
and not these bars of misery.
Here only cries an aching bird
no land or sea has ever heard.

Oh! How my eyes have seen that side
where careless notion fools abide,
where every word begins with "why";
and every answer is a lie.