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Article: How To Avoid Sex With An Ex you Still Love

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    How To Avoid Sex With An Ex you Still Love

    2 Comments by penmyemotions Published on 11-04-17 06:15 PM
    Sex with an Ex(how to Quit it)-You’ve been in a relationship for a while and things have been going great-strong communication and great love.All of a sudden,the relationship crashes along with your hopes and dreams of tying the knot with to this person shattered.

    The break-up is daunting no doubt as you both part ways(watching your partner leave was your worst nightmare).A few days,weeks and months passed by and you both have been away from each other and then finally,Maybe fate,error or maybe Karma-Whichever you call it;made you meet one another.What a great opportunity you think!.At first you were mad but then again you felt happy(a strange mixed feeling) seeing it as an opportunity to get back together.

    After a series of Chat and dates,you were invited over and during this time got laid.Past memories of that kinda love flooded your emotional junk-box .You felt happy,you are back together-so it seems.So you continue getting laid by this person until this person confesses to you that he/she is already in love with another and then BANG!a big blow jolts you back to your senses:a need arouse to leave the place in tears of course.It finally dawned on you that you’ve been living in fantasy(you put all this behind you) and move on-GREAT CHOICE!

    Having sex with your Ex although has some benefits such as the release of feel good hormones known as oxytocin and the cuddly-strong sense of feeling loved by the person you certainly do not need in your life could prove very fatal in the end.Here are seven ways to avoiding Ex Sex with the Ex you still love.

    1)Allow enough time to pass:The best action to take to get your Ex out of your mind is STAYING AWAY!Yes,stay away and work on being happy with yourself and your life
    Time certainly will heal old wounds.Avoid place where you can or will bump into one another until all feelings for your Ex are dead

    2)Make your intentions Clear:If you decide to keep your Ex as a friend,(I strongly advice against this),make your intentions clear that you want a “Just friends” friendship and not “friends with benefits” or “****buddies”.If your intentions are not clear,your Ex could see your friendship as a means to not only start having sex with you without commitment but yet another way to always getting their sexual needs met anytime,any day!

    3)Avoid Sleepovers:Never agree to do a sleepover with your Ex regardless of how tempting this offer might be as the end result could lead to sex with an ex.Remember that it takes two to Tango.You certainly want to move on and not to be tied down with thoughts of love and sex with your ex.

    4)Don’t rehash the past:Bringing up topics and chats about your then essential love relationship with your ex would only make you sad,angry and pathetic towards yourself.If a discussion did suffice,instead of talking about how sex between you two was great-Talk about school,Work,God,Religion,Politics,research etc.
    Avoid topics with great emotional stimuli such as Kids,sex with an ex,Love(except for God’s love),getting your ex back,Family etc.

    5) Don’t go on dates:Never agree to go on a date with your ex no matter how harmless it may seem-Things could spurn out of control and old memories similar can resurface.Such a date will lead to sex

    6)Don’t forget to meet other people:Be open to meeting other people .Erase off thoughts,hopes and dreams of ever getting back with your ex and now that you have done so-it’s time to meet someone else!

    7)Protect Yourself:”Just one last time,I’ll be over you”It won’t work because sex only brings lovers closer and does not set them apart but since you and your ex are not-You don’t want none of that sex.
    If your ex is obsessed with you ,I advise you report such person to the authorities(A restraint order should work fine or they could get your ex fixed

    Source: https://penmyemotions.com/how-to-avoid-having-sex-with-an-ex-you-still-love/

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    Nice post. Some ex's will call, or text just to keep them in your mind, they don't even want to talk to you, all they want is to put themselves into your thoughts. It's painful, hurtful. Worse if they've moved on and still hound you.

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    You are right lovebroken.They can be a pain in the ass at times

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