Iíve always heard that the hardest part about visiting Cebu is leaving, and boy isnít that the truth. I didnít just fall in love with the place, but I also fell in love with the people. I went to Malapascua Island as a side trip after my interracial date tour. I went diving and got to hangout with the people in there. Going back to the states was really hard on the heart for me.

The ďseparation anxietyĒ kicked in badly since the day I arrived home which was three days ago. Iím quite missing the people Iíve made friends with in the island as well as the activities weíve been doing daily like diving, swimming, biking, eating and drinking.

Iím not used to this kind of feeling after a trip. How do you guys usually keep up with this sentimental feeling? How long does this usually take and how do I keep up fast? I swore to myself that Iíll be coming back soon so thereís that. Just really want to get this emotion off my chest.