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Thread: Intimacy

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    Hello this is my first posting on here, Ii am looking for advice regarding male sexual issues, to cut a long story short married 25 years fantastic sex life at the start for a good many years. 11years ago i was seriously injured in a road traffic accident and for three years sex of any kind was out of the question. But now i am having urges and needs that my wife is not interested in, in any shape or form, 7 years since we had any sexual contact and when i have brought the subject up she says if I want it then I have to go ut and pay someone for it, shes not interested in me but has a wide selection of sex toys that i know she uses pretty much daily.

    I obviously am not going out to pay for it as I still love my wife, what on earth would you suggest I do?
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    Use good communication.

    Relationships are also about giving, compromising and meeting another persons needs.
    You communicate your needs in a loving and mature way.

    Her response? The comment about telling you to go pay for it, that's rude.
    That would honestly make me a little mad. Not because it's a denial, but it's a rude way of saying things.

    Sex is important to you, and I think rightfully so. Intimacy is part of love.

    If I can't be intimate with someone, literally ever, I wouldn't be interested.

    For me, that's a necessity.

    Are you still courting her? Still doing fun things together, having fun, making her feel special at times?

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