Someone please help, friends and family too close.
I reunited with someone from my childhood. Emotions ran very high. Bad thing- he had a girlfriend then slowly reconciled with her prior to us seeing eachother. Now that we have, he's really messed up and doesn't know what to do. Our time was "right" where his current situation isn't. But he's still there. Bad thing 2-we live in different states for the next 3 years due to his career. We still talk intimately after 3 months of seeing eachother. We've admitted to eachother we have feelings, but what do I do? I won't give him an ulitamatom, or even ask how he's feeling. He drops hints he's still interested and is trying to set something up for us to see eachother. 3 years is a long time. Yet, I've never felt this way about anyone. He had my heart at 12 and now all of these years later, still does, but a heck of a lot deeper. Should I continue e-mailing and see where things go? Or should I just say forget the whole thing? I am so confused. Someone please help me, my head is spinning like the girl on the exorcist.