On the upside, cyberdating can help you vastly expand your universe of contacts. Remember, this is an approach to selling, throwing out a wide net and searching for leads in less-than-traditional places.

Other advantages to communicating on the Internet are listed here:
It's readily possible, immediate, and convenient.
It's less costly than a date and can cost less than even phone calls.
Because you type your messages, you get insight into how articulate and expressive your love interest is (it's wise to pay attention to those English composition classes in school!).

Imagine going into a large room, having innumerable choices, feeling free to approach anyone without fear, and then being able to move on to the next if necessary.

Cyberdating is a wonderful arena for building your confidence to date in person. By hiding behind the anonymity of words, you can be freer to express who you really are as a person. Without the burden of having to physically interact, you can gain skills that help you over the next hurdle: the actual face-to-face meeting. The thousands of people chatting online give you a wide selection with whom to test your moves. And if you are unhappy with one interaction, there are thousands more to peruse.

A unique feature of cyberdating is that you have total control. After all, you do not have to respond to anyone. You are the ultimate judge of what, where, and with whom you connect.

Other advantages to cyber-connecting are listed here:

Immediacy. You can be in the middle of working on your computer and easily switch over to send an e-mail to someone. Others can also instantly contact you, so you don't have to wait for a phone call back.

Cost-effectiveness. Communicating through the computer is cheaper than making phone calls, as your computer can connect you to people around the world for no more money than you pay for your monthly connecting service. The actual "date" is cheaper as well. Dinner and a movie can cost $50, while logging on together for a chat is far less expensive over the long run.

Accessibility. Wherever there is a telephone line, you can be hooked up on your computer.

Convenience. You don't have to answer or communicate and back and forth on the spot, but can choose to send an e-mail whenever you're in the right mood.

Unlike phone conversations but like letters, you can save people's messages, by creating a special file.

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