Second Date Part 1

[URL=""]Asking for the Date[/URL]
Asking for the Date

[URL=""]Second Date and Beyond: Where to Go and What to Do[/URL]
Second Date and Beyond: Where to Go and What to Do

[URL=""]Ideas for Subsequent Dates[/URL]
Ideas for Subsequent Dates

[URL=""]Bring Gifts[/URL]
Bring Gifts

[URL=""]Where to Meet[/URL]
Where to Meet

[URL=""]Primping Your Home[/URL]
Primping Your Home

[URL=""]Who Pays?[/URL]
Who Pays?

[URL=""]Is This Going Anywhere?[/URL]
Is This Going Anywhere?

[URL=""]Positive/Negative signs[/URL]
Positive/Negative signs

Second Date Part 2

[URL=""]When You're Really Not Sure[/URL]
When You're Really Not Sure

[URL=""]Clicking or Clunk?[/URL]
Clicking or Clunk?

[URL=""]Cutting It Off[/URL]
Cutting It Off

[URL=""]Hit and Run[/URL]
Hit and Run

[URL=""]Making Subsequent Dates[/URL]
Making Subsequent Dates

[URL=""]Keeping It Going Over the Phone[/URL]
Keeping It Going Over the Phone


[URL=""]After the Night Is Over[/URL]
After the Night Is Over

[URL=""]Time In-Between[/URL]
Time In-Between