Everyone has his own pace. "You can't hurry love" went the line of a popular song from the '70s. Remember my theory that each person in dating has his or her own comfort level for intimacy and independence. These days, the phrase used is commonly "I need more space." If someone asks for that space, give it to them. Remember there are those who rush into love and sweep you off your feet, but then cut out suddenly, as if having "love panic." Once they get close, they see flaws and back off. Then there are those who drag their feet incessantly. Fence-sitters (or who I call "Mr. Maybe") such you in with promises of the future (but never deliver) and try your patience, when you could be treating yourself to attention and love elsewhere.

To truly hit if off, your love scripts must intertwine. But something can throw it off drastically. Be aware of what a date might say that could crush your idea that you are meant for each other. And if your date withdraws, reflect on or ask about what may have upset or disappointed her. For example, Annie was totally taken with her new wealthy and handsome boyfriend, jayson. She dreamt of long romantic weekends in the Islands at five-star hotels, so when he suggested, "Let's go to some cheesy motel for the night and be naughty," her fantasy was crushed, she felt insulted, and she stopped returning his beeps.

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