In a wonderful article written up in the New York Post, writers Ron Mitchell and Sacha Mornell write about using the telephone for "reaching out and touching her." They list Law No. 1 as using the telephone for accumulating what they call "date equivalents" -- making up for personal interactions to rack up the necessary number of contacts necessary for a woman to feel comfortable before she gets intimate with a guy. A telephone contact, they say, is equal to 0.5 dates, making two long phone conversation equal to one date.

In another law, the writers suggest using strategically placed phone calls to keep it going, even when you know she is not there. That way, you get the perks from calling without having to have an extensive conversation. Phone calls include:
  • Leave a voice mail message at her job late at night so she starts work with a nice message from you.
  • Call after the date before she gets home, saying you had a wonderful time.
  • Call when you know she's away on vacation or on a weekend, and say you're thinking of her (or even that you miss her).

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