Now that you've gotten to know each other a little better, you're either getting along or still not so sure. In these early stages, be aware of the following:
Don't jump to conclusions too fast. Give someone six dates to really reveal themselves so you get to see them on bad hair days and good hair days and in different situations. Over time, you'll be able to better judge their character and your compatibility.

Stay grounded in reality instead of sliding into fantasy. If he seems like your dream lover, be careful not to be planning your vacation with him already and shopping for your wedding dress. Resist thinking you're already set for New Year's Eve together. A passing fantasy can be okay, but locking into it can be dangerous because you still aren't sure about whether it's going to work out.

Keep yourself busy with your own life so you still have interesting things to share with one another.

If you don't feel interested in accepting other dates, don't -- but also don't expect that he has to do the same thing.

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