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Thread: is it a good idea to say this?

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    is it a good idea to say this?

    if u guys wanna get background this is my situation:


    ill just give it to u short. i am talking to a girl and she has been sick for about a week, i have texted her and everytime i text her the texts have gotten shorter and she seems less interested, im sick of waiting, and not knowing if she is genuinely interested. i texted her today and i asked her if she wanted to go out for coffee or lunch sometime and she said oh im still sick. so i said really? whats wrong? and she says she has a really bad cold. i dont really know the girl so hey, idk if she is really that sick or not. anyway i want to send her a text saying "that sux, well ill stop bothering u. i really wanna see u again tho. let me know when u get better, unless ur not interested anymore..." is it not a good idea to say unless ur not interested anymore...?

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    I don't know as I am pondering on the same question. My sollution in the past was stopping texting for about two years - no explaination. So maybe it is not a good idea to say anything at all, some people feel pressed when too much contact. Or just get ill you too and make a joke saying that flu spread from her

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    Dude, again? Leave her alone, she clearly doesn't like you.

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    i hate texting. do you like being dumped via a text? then why do you think it is appropriate to have a relationship via text, or asking someone out via text. so freakn impersonal.

    if she like you she would have picked up a phone and talked to you. leave her alone. and next time maybe u should try a phone call.

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    I'm not dead set against texting, but if she is claiming to be sick you should have said "I'm sorry to hear that, is there anything I can do to help you?" instead of saying "that sux, well ill stop bothering u". Not to mention that your spelling is horrible, but that is just a pet peeve of mine.
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