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Thread: 19 years old, 3 years long relation, dont feel love anymore.

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    19 years old, 3 years long relation, dont feel love anymore.


    3 years ago I was in high school. At the age of 17 I had 3 girlfriends in my whole life, who I had only kissed/hugged etc. And all of these 3 relationships were 3 weeks long at most. So I didn't have much experience with girls and relationships and most importantly with sex-I had no experience at all. So 2 years ago in April a good friend of mine messaged me and told me she liked me a lot and such. Anyway that was quite a shock because were were friends for 7 years and we have discussed throughout all these years about our crushes etc.

    And that year(the period she sent me the message) we hadn't spoken a word because of studies etc. Anyway, she told me she liked me and such and I didn't know what to say. I can't say I was so much sexually attracted by her(she is good looking but she is not a girl or a type of a girl I would try to "seduce" or, to be specific, the girl I would make the first move for) nor by her character(shy and all), however I thought that before going to college I should have some sexual experience(jerk yes...). So we kissed and since then she has been my gf.

    However, that year I failed at the national exams. So I decided to try next year as well(give again the exams) and therefore I decided not to break up with my girlfriend since I was having a good time.

    Last year though I succeeded in the exams and got to the uuniversity I wanted. The problem is that with my girlfriend we have been togther for 3 years now and I ve grown attached to her. I love her I dont want to harm her or see her cry and iIwould kill anyone who would try to ruin her life. Nevertheless, even though I have neen honest with her until now(I have never cheated her-not even close) living in a different city and seeing all these girls(some of them flirting with me) has made my interest in my gf diminish. So, I know that my gf loves me more than anything in her life, she has treated me very well and she would do anything for me(maybe even die). On the other hand, even though I lover her(in a family-like way) I never had a crush on her, an erotic love that would make me think of her all the time. There have been many days I prefered being alone or going out with friends of mine than my girlfriend. So. I want to find someone that I would do anything for her(think of her constantly, cant live without) but I fear that I will never find that person or even worse that I will never find someone to love me as much as I do with mymy current girlfriend. So what do I do? Do I break up with my GF? I think I should break up with herconsidering I should be a man and be frank with her.
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    You clearly don't love her. So break up. People have broken up with me before now and surprise, surprise, I'm still alive and didnt' immediately go off to commit suicide. Life is too short to be in a relationship that simply isn't working for you. It's not fair on you and it's being dishonest with her.

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