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Article: Hello & Goodbye.

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    Hello & Goodbye.

    3 Comments by emotionaid Published on 27-11-15 11:56 PM
    With the advancement of technology providing such convenient ways to keep in touch, we often forget how to do things

    Let me ask you a question, and after you answer it, the next time it happens take note of it.

    How many people actually greet their partners when you see each other, regardless of whether you live together or not,
    when you first come in contact after waking up.

    How many actually say hello, good morning, give each other hugs and kisses? I mean real ones not via messaging or social media.

    How many actually do the same when you guys go off to work or leave each other for the night? Say goodbye with a kiss or hug?

    What I've noticed from observing the relationships; mainly Gen Y/Z is that because you are constantly messaging and talking,
    the conversation picks up as soon as you see each other. There's no pause. I've seen couples where one person gets into the car and
    the first thing was "did you pick up what I asked you to?" umm...Hello? Good morning? Did you sleep okay?

    What I'm trying to point out is that, it's wrong to send an email without addressing the recipient, but it's okay to
    start the conversation when you see your partner without properly acknowledging their presence.

    It might not seem important to many, but think of it this way:

    Not only is this the easiest way to show your partner some affection, but if for example, (let's knock on wood and hope this never happens)
    You're partner leaves for work and never returns. What were your final words face to face?
    You can never regret saying too much, but you can however, regret not saying enough.

    Please keep in mind the importance and the difference between expressing things in real life and via technology.
    Saying something face to face carries more respect, more weight than something being said over a text.

    Let's remind ourselves after reading this to do exactly that. Tomorrow morning when you wake up next to your partner
    Give them a hug and remember that the time you have together is special. Make it feel that way.
    Love is difficult, but we can make it easier to tackle by supporting each other.


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    I'd say most who live together do greet each other. My dad always kisses my mom goodbye and says I love you when ever leaving her presence, never changed from days they dated to now, same for goodnights at bedtime.

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    Hi Meg

    That's the beauty of it the.generation of our parents do these little things that mean such a great deal. Unfortunately as we move forward these things are slowly forgotten with the new generation.

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    Hi emotionaid and welcome to the forums.

    I agree, I want that for myself in my relationships too, sometimes the little things do mean the most. I never lived with a partner so have yet to test it out yet.

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