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Article: Losing weight!

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    Losing weight!

    4 Comments by emotionaid Published on 02-12-15 02:10 AM
    Hi everyone, thought I'd share with you a few tips that helped me shed 27kg in in the last 1.5 years

    It may not work for everyone but thought it'd be a good idea to point out a few things that really helped!

    1. Drink tea

    I drink Pu-Erh tea a Chinese black tea every day after dinner! It really helps with the metabolism and gets rid of
    excess water.

    2. Exercise regularly not intensively

    What I've found is that with intensive exercise, I tend to want to eat more. I do 30 minutes per day
    could be 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening or just 30 minutes after work.
    I don't do any cardio, contrary to popular recommendations of cardio being the best to burn fat.

    My fitness routine consists of push-ups, sit-ups, planks, leg raises, crunches.
    I alternate between these and normally do 30 seconds of each and do this 5 times gives you a quick 15 minute work out.

    3. Eat healthy, cut the sugar and carbs.

    I don't drink soft drinks at all, only water and tea. Replaced my normal potato chip snacks with dried fruit chips or healthy alternative snacks from the supermarket.
    My meals consist of meat and vegetables and rarely do I have any rice/bread/pastas

    4. The hardest part is to make this a habit. If you fail a few times, it's okay. I went off track a couple of times before it became an everyday routine.

    5. Have a clear image of what you want your body to be like, think about how it will make you feel better and think about
    the clothes you can wear.

    There's nothing wrong with being a bit on the heavier side, but I had to lose weight because of a doctor's advice. He made me realise how much
    extra risk there was for different health problems if I didn't.

    Good luck to all!
    Love is difficult, but we can make it easier to tackle by supporting each other.


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    Congratulations on your weight loss. Nice advice for others and I never heard of the Pu - Erh so I will see if our shops store this.

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    Green tea works great too, especially the loose kind you steep for longer.

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    by exercise... do more rope jumping/running than anything else... that cuts weight most!

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    Regular exercise is a very important for everyone life, if you interested to loss your weight ?

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