He is 23 & I'm 20. This is my first proper relationship- obviously I had little teenage flings but this is an actual real relationship. I'm kind of in love with every single thing about him- his voice, his blue eyes, his hair, his lips, his smile- everything! Anyway the problem is he is a total bad boy-
does drugs, smokes weed, excessively drinks, steals, encourages his friends to cheat, vandalises, has been in jail, expelled twice from schools, very violent (beats up guys) and was stabbed by people he pissed off last year and almost died.
I know- horrendous! I just cannot help how I feel. I totally disapprove of every single bad thing he has done but I feel like there is a good guy underneath it all. He wants a job to get on the straight & narrow. I want to help him but I am scared that this is a mistake.
Your genuine opinion please?