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Thread: Really need help!!! Opinions on this story please ? *will answer back*

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    Really need help!!! Opinions on this story please ? *will answer back*

    Okay so basically this guy was a little younger and so we never dated but we were super crazy about each other. I was in love with him- he was my first proper love. We went to the same school but when I had to move away to college he was soo devastated when I told him I was leaving. He literally cried immediately and did not stop for days. He used to share his food with me and show off & pose in front of me all the time and we were like a dynamic duo always sticking up for the other. Even when he got hurt in a football game once all my girlfriends came looking for me to go comfort him and I did and calmed him down- we were just that close, both very old fashioned and like minded. He was an old soul and I was quite immature to be honest. He was a bad boy and I was the only one who could get through to him. He really respected me and treated me so lovingly. On my last day he even ran down the field and picked me a flower in front of all his guy friends during a game. He said with a heavy genuine sigh that he would really miss me and that I should tell the college to just "go away" so that he could keep me. Then he pulled me in to hug me tight. It was all so romantic. I was his first proper crush/love also. A couple months later during the summer we both see each other at Church three times! He blushed really hard when he saw me. During the service he stared into my eyes walking past me smiling and ignoring everyone else (even my stunning sister beside me who is his age). We locked eyes for about 10 seconds until he had walked past me, both smiling like crazy. It was like one of those moments where it was just the 2 of us in the crowded room and everyone else disappeared. We didn't get a chance to talk as our families were there (he is from a rougher community and so our families don't mix).

    It has been a good bit but lately however I keep seeing him literally everywhere I go. Every single day. It is becoming too strange to be a coincidence. I said a prayer to God before driving home with my guy friend the other day and then literally no joke a few seconds later I turned the bend and he was there riding his horse! It really feels like signs from God/Universe (yes I know a lot of people will criticise and say they don't believe in that nonsense but I have always been very spiritual and intuitive so I really do). First we are reunited at Church and then after praying he just appears. I was also in the passenger seat and when we turned the bend we immediately locked eyes, we both kind of stared at each other instantly and did not once look at who was driving.

    I also have noticed that the majority of the girls he is into/are friends with on social media are all identical to me (no I am not flattering myself in any way)- I mean a lot of them could be my identical twin! Exact same hair, body type, facial features etc. Then I started wearing glasses and he saw me with them the other day. Low and behold I now notice he has been consistently liking a load of pics of girls wearing glasses (honest to God!). Also for the record I am not flattering myself or being hopeful because I still care for him- this is the truth! Trust me I am not being paranoid or stalking him or any of that BS. I have a very busy, happy life with plenty of options my own age as it is but I have just checked up on him a bit since noticing that he has been appearing again in my life. Also I keep seeing the repeating numbers like 111,222,333 etc. It's all super odd and has been on my mind lately. This guy was a huge part of my life and I still deeply care about him and love him so I am just looking for opinions please. What do you think? Please share your thoughts here. Xxx

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    Well you have to think that ot could be a coincidence or that he could be looking for you. But if you think that it is Godís doing then you should follow his word and give it a shot. Thatís assuming that you guys are closer now since you left for college and all

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