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Thread: What is she really thinking?

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    What is she really thinking?

    So my girlfriend broke up with me cause of how I neglected and mistreated her the past2 years. We have a son together still talk and see each other everyday.
    Have been working extremely hard to prove I am a new guy with all the bs cut out of my life. And itís a permanent change not temporary.

    What Is she thinking? This happened in within an hours time frame.
    1- I asked can I take her and her mum out for motherís day. She said and yes and was happy/smiling asking me you going to shout us yeah? I felt close to her again

    2- She brought up when we were In the same room alone, you know itís totally fine for you to have a girlfriend, it wonít hurt me and I will be happy for you.

    3-She is committed to our son and not interested with another new relationship. And said sheís happy to be single for life.

    4-Asked me what made me change the last few weeks?

    5- Sheís really scared of if she got back with me it will be a toxic relationship again.

    6- Then she said if I had kids again in a few years time. I would like a new cot and this and that for the baby cause I donít like the ones now etc.

    7- we cried together cause we spoke about my wrong doings.

    Please tell me where you think she is at. She clearly knows I love her but sheís just telling me completely different things? Sheís fine with me with another girl?

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    I think she's scared that your changes are not permanent & she's scared that after the number you did on her life & emotions she will never be able to trust & love again.

    For now keep up a steady pace of being sweet to her & good to your son. If you are going to win her back it will take time & effort over months. If you are serious about reconciliation do not date others while you are trying to woo her.

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    she wants a platonic relationship with you. has zero confidence in you. no longer loves you at all

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